Terms and conditions


All our orders (stickers, CNC work) are made to order we don’t keep stock unless this is specifically noted in the amount on the web shop

Develoment time

  • Sticker order usually take around 24 hour to make and usally ship out the next day
  • CNC orders take 30 days to make. This is due the time CNC , anodizing and laser cut of the logo takes.

Order cancel & returns

If your unsatisfied or the product does not live up to your expectation their is always a possibility for items to be returned. Opened products cannot be send back. Please contact us within 14 days after the order for cancellation or for a return request. Postal costs for returning a product will not be refunded. Only new and sealed products can be refunded. For more information on cancellation and reurns please contact us via the form.



* For settlement of disputes Volvo Lotte choose  Domicile. Settlement will be held in the Netherlands where dutch law applies.

* Performance products sold by Brick-Autosport have not been tested or approved by any international, federal or local governing agency for street use, thus are designated for non-road or race track use only. Although every effort is made to maintain or improve upon the emissions standards and safety of your Volvo, some of our products may not be legal for street use in your region. Brick-Autosport makes no claim of fitness or certification for such use and leave it up to you to research the laws of your region.